Thornton Fly Fishers Club

Thornton Fly Fishers original logo. Circ 1980
Thornton Fly Fishers original logo. Circ 1980


Aims of the club:
To encourage and foster good practice, skills and enjoyment of fly fishing at all ages and levels in a sociable, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

To encourage newcomers to the sport and assist those that wish to partake.
To encourage an understanding and appreciation of the environment

A little about our club history:

A number of anglers, who fly fished Thornton Reservoir regularly met at the Thornton WMC. In 1980 they met to prepare a bid for the lease to the fishing rights from Severn Trent Water. Although the bid was unsuccessful Thornton Fly Fishers Association was established and a new club was born.

Over the years the the club has expanded to where we are today. We started organising both boat and bank fishing competitions for members as well as competitions with other fly fishing clubs. It has evolved into matches covering a range from boat singles, boat doubles, dry fly and a single fly match where members all fish the same fly pattern.

Our home water and base is Thornton Reservoir, however we also spread our organised trips throughout the area generally to Draycote and Eyebrook reservoirs with two or three additional outings being organised to other venues each year.  

The goal of our club, laid down in 1980 is to promote fly tying and fly fishing on stillwaters and rivers and to that end from October to March we still have regular Fly Tying sessions held at Thornton WMC where our own expert members who have extensive experience in trout fishing and fly tying are happy to assist beginners and improvers alike in mastering the skills.

Fly fishing really is an all-encompassing pastime that is steeped in tradition on one hand but at the same time heavily involved with the cutting edge of new and developing technologies on the other. There has never been a better time to take up our beloved sport.

At Thornton Fly Fishers you will find a support and social network that caters for the novice and expert alike. Tuition for newcomers to the sport is easily arranged and experienced members are always on hand and more than happy to mentor and help develop the skills required to become a fully-fledged fly fisher or fly tyer. Whether its casting, fly tying, boat skills or simply access to our busy list of social and fishing events that we hold throughout the year, you’ll be amazed what good value our membership fee is.

 We have a range of equipment that we are happy to loan out in order to get people started with advice always available regarding the choice of tackle and tackle dealers.

 Our membership fee also includes; fishing related third party liability insurance whilst fishing with the club, guest lectures on fishing related topics, an annual auction night. We also hold social events for members and Partners such as summer BBQ, Christmas dinner social and most importantly, fortnightly meetings throughout the winter at the Thornton social club which also offers good beer at reasonable prices and a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

 Fishermen are renowned for the love of a good yarn and there’s never any shortage of those at our club gatherings. However, the greatest reward we can receive is quite simply the look of amazement on the face of novices, when after the first searing run, the realisation hits home that they are connected to a feisty trout that has just grabbed their carefully tied feathery creation and the fight has only just begun! 

  Give Thornton Fly Fishers a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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